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NYC Small Business Services
NYC Businesses - What to do During and After Hurricane Sandy

Please read below to find actions you can take during Hurricane Sandy to minimize damage to your business, followed by steps you can take after the hurricane to recover from any damage you may have incurred due to the storm:

Preparing against damage / disruption to businesses during Hurricane Sandy:

  • Be prepared to close and evacuate your business if you are located in an evacuation zone and evacuation orders are given, even if heavy rains, winds, or flood water are not yet in evidence.
  • View PDF of evacuation zone map
    • Please note that a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for Zone A.
  • Turn off propane tanks, and gas / electrical utilities at the main switches or valves, if instructed to do so by local authorities, or if your place of business is threatened by rapidly rising flood water - this will prevent equipment / appliances from being damaged or destroyed when power is restored

Recovering from damage / disruption to businesses due to Hurricane Sandy:

  • If you have insurance that will cover your damages, contact your agent immediately
  • Survey any damage; enter a severely damaged building ONLY after local authorities have deemed it safe to do so
  • Photograph any damage to your business and save receipts for replacement items or repair work
  • Look for safety hazards such as live wires, leaking gas or flammable liquids, poisonous gases, and damage to foundations or underground piping and notify the appropriate utility companies or emergency responders of any such safety hazards
  • Dry all areas and items quickly and thoroughly to prevent mold growth; food establishments especially should examine all surfaces, including sheet rock, for evidence of mold and take appropriate action immediately
  • Begin salvage as soon as possible to prevent further damage; cover broken windows and torn roof coverings immediately to protect merchandise / business from further damage
  • Separate damaged goods from undamaged goods, but beware of accumulating too much combustible debris inside of a building
  • Call in key business personnel and notify contractors to start repairs - after ensuring that safety systems are fully implemented before any work is allowed to begin

To find up-to-date information about Hurricane Sandy, please visit the City of New York's Office of Emergency Management website:

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