Rapid Repairs

Registration for Rapid Repairs is closed. Rapid Repairs was a first-of-its-kind pilot program to provide free, government assistance to thousands of homeowners left without heat, power and hot water after Hurricane Sandy. No other city has ever responded to a natural disaster by offering emergency repairs to allow homeowners to shelter in their own homes. Rapid Repairs restored essential, emergency services and served as a critical first step in helping residents rebuild their homes more quickly.

Between November 2012 and March 2013, Rapid Repairs restored heat, power and hot water in more than 11,700 homes representing over 20,000 residential units affected by Hurricane Sandy. At the peak of the program more than 2,000 workers were completing over 200 homes each day.

Have you received a Notice of Violation (NOV) or Notice of Deficiency (NOD) from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB)?
If the violation or deficiency was issued to the electrician or plumber, it is their responsibility to fix the deficiency.  If the violation or deficiency was issued to the homeowner, it is the homeowner's responsibility to resolve it. If you have questions about your violation or deficiency, contact the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) by calling 311.

If the equipment installed by Rapid Repairs is no longer working.
Rapid Repairs provided free, emergency heat, hot water, and electricity so that homeowners could shelter in place while making more permanent repairs to their homes. When Rapid Repairs completed work on your home, an independent quality inspector verified that the installed equipment was working properly. All maintenance and repairs are now the responsibility of the homeowner.

Please call 311 with any other questions regarding Rapid Repairs.

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