Temporary Housing Services

Build It Back is pleased to offer comprehensive benefits and services to help homeowners displaced by construction.  These services are provided free of charge to qualified homeowners.
Temporary Housing Services for Homeowners
Build It Back has partnered with the Center for New York City Neighborhoods and New York Disaster Interfaith Services to provide one-on-one temporary housing assistance to homeowners.  Services include:
Housing placements – the Build It Back temporary housing clearinghouse contains thousands of local listings.

Direct rent payments to landlords – homeowner may choose to have the temporary rental assistance benefit paid directly to their landlord instead of filing a claim for reimbursement from Build It Back.

Special relocation assistance – special grants may be available to help homeowners access temporary housing.
Homeowners can walk into a local Build It Back Construction Customer Service Center and ask for the Temporary Housing Services Desk.
Please call the Temporary Housing Service Hotline at (646)757-2886
See our Temporary Housing Services flyer.

Landlords interested in listing rental units are encouraged to call the Temporary Housing Service Hotline at (646)-757-2886 or email Rudy.Ulin@cnycn.org to register. Interested? Read more.

Temporary Relocation Assistance (TRA)
Build It Back continues to offer homeowners the option of paying rent on their own and submitting receipts for reimbursement.  Click for eligibility rules.
To file a claim, download the F20 Claim form 

Moving Vouchers
Build It Back provides moving and storage expense assistance to qualifying homeowners who must remove furniture and other items from their home due to Build It Back's construction activities. You must complete this form in order to receive assistance, which covers the first six months of displacement.

Build It Back also offers supplemental storage expense assistance to qualifying homeowners who are displaced for more than six months due to construction.  To file a claim for supplemental assistance, please contact the Temporary Housing Services hotline at (646) 757-2886 or visit the Temporary Housing Desk at your local Build It Back Construction Customer Service Center. Visit our homepage to find the Center nearest you.
The de Blasio Administration Announces Immediate Expansion of Rental Assistance for Low-Income New Yorkers Impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Read the Press Release

Household Size

Maximum Household Income for Rental Subsidy
(50% of AMI)

Maximum Household Income for Housing Referral
(80% of AMI)


























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