Nonprofits and Community Groups

Resources for Nonprofits Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

The following resources continue to be available for nonprofits affected by Hurricane Sandy:

Lawyers Alliance for New York City
 As part of the support to NYC's nonprofits, a pro-bono legal initiative has been created with 1,400 volunteer attorneys from the Lawyers Alliance for New York City will assist nonprofits in real estate; employment law; government grants and loans; operating disaster relief programs; and insurance coverage. Legal assistance can be accessed by dialing (212) 219-1800 ext. 224. All calls will be responded to within 24 hours.

General Nonprofit Assistance Information
 New York City is committed to supporting a vibrant and strong nonprofit sector capable of responding to the everyday needs of New Yorkers as well as the unanticipated needs that arise daily.  The City continues to identify innovative ways to support the sector and we invite you to stay up to date.  For more information on New York City nonprofit initiatives, board governance, resources and events, please visit NYC Nonprofit Assistance.


Track Sandy Funding
Volunteer - NYC Service
The Mayor's Found to Advance New York City