Single Family Program

The Build It Back Single Family Program is designed to assist owners of properties with one to four units affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homeowners may be eligible for one or more of the Program’s pathways:

  • Repair: If your home was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, we can complete any remaining repairs.
  • Repair with Elevation: If your home was substantially damaged by Hurricane Sandy, we can complete any remaining repairs and also raise the home to comply with flood elevation standards.
  • Rebuild: If your home was demolished or damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Sandy, we can build a new home for you that will be elevated and will include resiliency improvements.
  • Reimbursement: If you made repairs to your home or signed a contract with contractors, we can reimburse your expenses.
  • Acquisition: If your home needs to be rebuilt or elevated, you may be able to voluntarily sell your home to the government.



    1. Intake

    The applicant:

    • Registers for the program
    • Attends an intake appointment
    • Submits documentation and signs required forms

    Note: Registration closed on October 31, 2013.

    After registering, Build It Back will call you to schedule an in-person intake meeting at a Build It Back Center. At this meeting, you will work with a Housing Recovery Specialist to fill out an application that includes information about your household and your damaged property. Click here for a list of required documents that you must bring to your meeting. You will also be required to sign a number of legal documents, which can be found here.


    2. Review

    Build it Back:

    • Determines the applicant's eligibility
    • Analyzes any insurance and other benefits received

    Build It Back reviews in detail the documents that you submitted as part of the intake process. This review verifies key information required for eligibility and your potential award amount. Build It Back uses this information to verify program requirements for identity, ownership, primary residency, income, and citizenship. Build It Back also gathers and reconciles any information related to disaster recovery benefits that you already received, such as FEMA assistance, SBA loans, and private insurance reimbursements.


    3. Assessment

    Build It Back:

    • Inspects any storm damage and completed repairs to the property
    • Determines if the applicant qualifies for construction assistance, acquisition or reimbursement
    • Finalizes the transfer amount

    Build It Back schedules a damage assessment of your damaged or destroyed property, which allows Build It Back to evaluate the damage to your home caused by Hurricane Sandy. The Program will also determine what work you have done to repair your home, what work is still needed to complete your repairs, and any environmental or safety issues that may be present in your home. You can find more information about the damage assessment here.

    Build It Back will use the results of the damage assessment to determine your preliminary pathway: Repair, Repair with Elevation, Rebuild, Acquisition for Development, and/or Reimbursement.

    Lastly, Build It Back will complete a Coordination of Benefits which summarizes both the disaster recovery benefits you received from FEMA, SBA, private insurance, or other organizations and the cost of any repairs to date based on Build It Back’s damage assessment of your property. The Coordination of Benefits will also identify whether or not you have a transfer amount. A transfer amount is the total disaster recovery benefits you already received less the amount that you spent on allowable activities. Allowable activities include: a forced mortgage payoff, temporary or interim housing costs, permanent repair expenses, temporary repair and other post-storm recovery activities, etc.


    4. Option Selection

    The applicant:

    • Reviews the program offering
    • Provides any remaining documentation
    • Confirms and signs the benefits analysis and option selection agreement

    Build It Back schedules an Options Review Meeting with you where you will have the opportunity to review your application, including your Coordination of Benefits and provide any remaining documentation.

    You will also receive Build It Back’s program offering which identifies your preliminary pathway(s).  Build It Back staff will also provide more details about the next steps for your pathway.  For example, you will learn about the construction process in the Repair, Repair with Elevation or Rebuild Programs and/or the process for the Reimbursement and Acquisition for Redevelopment Programs.

    Lastly, if you agree with the program offering, you will complete the options selection process by signing a Coordination of Benefits Worksheet and an Option Selection Agreement.


    5. Pre-Construction

    For the Repair, Repair with Elevation, and Rebuild pathways, the applicant:

    • Develops the scope of work with design consultants, architects, engineers and/or contractors
    • Signs the final agreements
    • Submits the transfer amount, as needed

    If you are eligible for the Repair, Repair with Elevation, or Rebuild pathways, Build It Back will schedule meetings for you to meet with design consultants, architects, engineers, contractors and/or developers. Together you will develop the specific repairs for your home.

    You will be required to sign legal agreements that outline the financial responsibilities associated with your participation in Build It Back. If you have a transfer amount, you will be required to submit that as well.


    6. Award

    Depending on the pathway that you selected, Build It Back EITHER:

    • Repairs, repairs and elevates, or rebuilds the applicant's home
    • Sends the applicant a reimbursement check
    • Works with New York State to acquire the applicant's home

    Build It Back provides two types of awards to applicants after determining if they are eligible to receive assistance. If you receive construction assistance to repair, repair and elevate or rebuild your home, Build It Back does not give the award money directly to you. Instead, Build It Back pays the contractors for construction work that is completed. If you receive Reimbursement, City Acquisition and Relocation or Relocation assistance, Build It Back will make a payment directly to you. Additionally, New York State Acquisition and Buyout payments are made by the State directly to you.

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