Single Family Program

The Build It Back Single Family Program was designed to assist owners of properties with one to four units affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homeowners who were eligible proceeded through one of the Program’s pathways:

·         Repair: If your home was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Build It Back completed any remaining repairs.

·         Repair with Elevation: If your home was substantially damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Build It Back completed any remaining repairs and also raised the home to comply with flood elevation standards.

·         Rebuild: If your home was demolished or damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Sandy, Build It Back built a new home for you that was elevated and will include resiliency improvements.

·         Reimbursement: If you made repairs to your home or signed a contract with contractors, your expenses were reimbursed by Build It Back.

·         Acquisition: If your home needs to be rebuilt or elevated, homeowners may have been able to voluntarily sell your home to the government.


Registration for the Build It Back Program is closed. If you would like more information on the process please visit our Archives page.

Below you will find resources for homeowners participating in one of the program pathways discussed above.

Build It Back Process
Counseling Program Overview
Flood Insurance FAQ
Temporary Relocation FAQ
Ongoing Construction Fact Sheet
Stop Work Notification

Repair Program
Repair: Choose Your Own Contractor Fact Sheet
Repair: What to Expect Before Construction
Repair: Direct Grant FAQs

Repair With Elevation Program
Repair With Elevation: Choose Your Own Contractor FAQ
Repair With Elevation: What to Expect During Construction FAQ
Elevation FAQ
Home Design Selection Brochure
Repair Grant Agreement FAQ

Rebuild Program
Rebuild: City-Selected Developer Fact Sheet
Rebuild: Choose Your Own Contractor Fact Sheet
Rebuild Reimbursement FAQ

Acquisition Programs
NYS Acquisition for Redevelopment Program
NYC Acquisition Program Overview

Track Sandy Funding