Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

The following agencies assist people with disabilities in finding employment and/or education.

The 55a Program
Is a non-competitive employment program for People with Disabilities administered by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).
For more information contact Frank Palmieri.
V (212) 669-8643;
TTY (212) 669-8660;
Fax (212) 669-8383.

Community Access, Inc.
Is a non-profit agency helping people with psychiatric disabilities make the transition from homelessness and institutions to independent living. Community Access works to provide affordable housing, support services, counseling, education, and employment opportunities.
For more information call V (212) 780-1400, Fax (212) 780-1412, or visit their website at

Fed Cap
Provides vocational education and training, and offers employment referrals in a variety of fields from government administrative support positions to industrial services. For more information call V (212) 727-4294;TTY (212) 727-4374.

Goodwill Industries
A not-for-profit organization with an excellent job training and placement program for people with disabilities. For more information call V (212) 368-8000; Fax (212) 368-8147.

Just One Break (JOB)
A not-for-profit organization assisting in job placement for people with disabilities. For more information call V (212) 785-7300; TTY (212) 785-4515 or visit their website at

Mobilizing Talents & Skills (MTS)
MTS is America’s largest and oldest social-service agency meeting the employment needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. For more information call V (212) 962-7090, Fax (212) 962-7628, or visit their website at

The President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
The Committee has been instrumental in assisting government agencies realize their goals and responsibilities in hiring people with disabilities. In conjunction with the Department of Defense, the Committee sponsors the Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP). For more information write 1331 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004-1107, or call V (202) 376-6200; TTY (202) 376-6262.

United Cerebral Palsy of New York City
Assists with work-site accommodations, environmental controls, and assistive technology. It provides employment information and referral services to individuals with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information call V (212) 979-9700, TTY (212) 475-0842, or visit their website at

Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID)
The New York State Office of VESID offers thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities an opportunity to become independent through education, training, and employment. VESID also provides vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals to prepare them for suitable jobs. These jobs might be in the competitive workforce, in self-owned businesses, in supported employment on employer sites, or in sheltered workshops. They can also help people with disabilities who are having difficulty keeping their jobs. For more information, contact one of the six offices located throughout New York City or visit their website at

1215 Zerega Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462
V (718) 931-3500
TTY (718) 828-4003
Fax (718) 931-4299

Brooklyn VESID
55 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
V (718) 722-6700
TTY (718) 722-6736
Fax (718) 722-6714

Harlem VESID
163 W. 125th Street, Room 713
New York, NY 10027
V (212) 961-4420
Fax (212) 961-4423

Manhattan VESID
116 W. 30th Street
New York, NY
V (212) 674-2300
TTY (212) 630-2302
Fax (212) 630-2365

Queens VESID
1 Lefrak City Plaza, 20th Floor
Corona, NY 11368
V (718) 271-9346
TTY (718) 271-9799
Fax (718) 760-9554

Staten Island VESID
1139 Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10305
V (718) 816-4800
Fax (718) 448-4843

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