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Welcome to Citywide Accountability Program
Archives of Citywide Accountability Program
Mayor Giuliani's Citywide Accountability Program (CAP) uses a COMPSTAT or T.E.A.M.S. approach to performance evaluation that defines areas of accountability for all levels of management to achieve the goals and objectives of the agency by analyzing a set of performance indicators. The systematic collection and analysis of timely information are critical components of the process as managers learn the importance of "knowing the numbers" and using them to measure success, identify emerging issues, substantiate opinions, and form strategies for improvement. At regularly scheduled reporting sessions, executive staff reinforces operational goals and utilizes the performance indicators to hold managers accountable for achieving them. Ultimately, the success of the process is measured not on the strategies advanced at the meetings, but rather by how well the strategies are implemented "in the field". The process also emphasizes promotion of staff morale by regular recognition of exemplary performance.

A COMPSTAT or T.E.A.M.S. approach to management has changed the decision-making processes in many City agencies; it has created a culture of accountability. Statistical information is collected and analyzed as a means of constant performance tracking and for making prompt and effective operational decisions. You may view some of the indicators agencies are using to track performance by clicking on a link below.

Archives of Citywide Accountability Program
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Off-Track Betting Corporation
  Branch Efficiency Through Statistics (BET-STAT) measures the operational efficiency of the 66 citywide OTB branch offices.
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New York City Police Department - Crime Statistics
Department of Correction
New York City Fire Department
Department of Buildings
Department of Citywide Administrative Services
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Health
Department of Juvenile Justice
Department of Probation
Department of Transportation
Department of Youth and Community Development
Department of Housing Preservation and Development
The Human Resources Administration
Department of Parks & Recreation
NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission
New York City Off-Track Betting

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