Archives of Rudolph W. Giuliani, 107th Mayor
Major Addresses


Farewell Address, December 27, 2001
Restoring Accountability to City Government, December 19, 2001
Revised City Budget in Response to the Attack on the World Trade Center, October 9, 2001.
Address to the United Nations General Assembly on Combatting Terrorism, October 1, 2001
Citywide Prayer Service at Yankee Stadium, September 23, 2001
Remarks at the Fire Department Promotions Ceremony, September 16, 2001
Presentation of the Citywide Accountability Program, August 15, 2001
Remarks at Naturalization Ceremony on Ellis Island with President Bush, July 10, 2001
Presentation to the Mayors' Conference on E-Government, June 27, 2001
Announcement of the Charter School Fund Awards, April 30th, 2001
Fiscal Year 2002 Executive Budget, April 25th, 2001
Opening Remarks to the N.A.R.A.L. "Champions of Choice" Lunch, April 5th, 2001
Addressing the Need for Long-term Reliable Energy in NYC, March 27th, 2001
Remarks at the Administration for Children's Services 5th Anniversary Conference, March 26th, 2001
Remarks at the Funeral Service for Mayor Abraham Beame, February 13th, 2001
Preliminary 2001 Mayor's Management Report, February 8th, 2001
Remarks at the Memorial Service for Mayor John V. Lindsay, January 26th, 2001
January 2001 Financial Plan, January 25th, 2001
Remarks on the Future Status of Jerusalem, January 11th, 2001
State of the City
, January 8th, 2001


Keynote Address at the New York City Conference on School Choice, December 13th, 2000.
Remarks at the Dedication of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse, December 4th, 2000
Announcement of HealthStat Initiative, June 14th, 2000
Remarks to the Conference of Mayors on Restoring Accountability to City Government, May 9th, 2000
Remarks on the Passing of Cardinal O'Connor, May 4th, 2000
125th Anniversary of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, April 25th, 2000
Executive Budget, April 18th, 2000
New York, New Media, and The New Economy, March 27th, 2000
Announcement of the Elimination of the Sales Tax, March 1st, 2000
State of the City, January 13th, 2000



World Champion Yankees Celebration Speech, October 29th, 1999
Remarks at the Re-opening of City Hall Park,October 7th, 1999
Reagan Lecture, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, September 30th, 1999
Remarks at the Manhattan Institute Conference, June 21, 1999
Remarks at Joe DiMaggio's Memorial Service, April 23, 1999
NYPD Graduation, February 18, 1999
State of the City, January 14, 1999


Strengthening Biomedical Research and Development, December 8, 1998
Rethinking America's Misguided Drug Policies, October 22, 1998
Opening of Richmond Job Center, July 1, 1998
NYPD Memorial Day Service, May 8, 1998
Immigration: The Progess We've Made and the Road Ahead, March 31, 1998
Address to Forum Club: Restoring the Centrality of Work to New York City Life, March 25, 1998
United Jewish Appeal's 11th Biennial Young Leadership Conference, March 24, 1998
Public/Private Partnership to Fund New Bulletproof Vests, March 10, 1998
The Next Phase of Quality of Life: Creating a More Civil City, February 24, 1998
State of the City Address, January 1998, available via Real Player, in a full text version or summary.
Second Inaugural Address, January 1998, available via Real Player, and also as text.
Restoring Work to the Center of City Life, July 1998, available via Real Player, and also as text.

The Entrepreneurial City, December 1997
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's Victory Speech, November 1997
Freeing the Economy from Organized Crime and Restoring Open, Competitive Markets, October 1997
Removing Drugs from our Neighborhoods and Schools, October 1997
New Urban Agenda, September 1997, also available on RealAudio.
The Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials, July 1997
TWA Flight 800 Memorial Mass, July 1997
Fresh Kills Exportation Announcement, July 1997
Crystal Apple Awards, June 1997
New York City Conference on Immigration, June 1997
Smart Schools Announcement, May 1997
90th Annual Meeting of American Jewish Committee, May 1997
Annual Memorial Service for the Liberation of the Ghetto Lodz, May 1997
Twentieth Annual National Legal Conference, March 1997
House Committee on Government Reform, March 1997
Citizens Crime Commission, March 1997
Police Academy Probationary Graduation, March 1997
Announcement of Immigration Coalition, January 1997
Address on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., January 1997
The State of the City Address, January, 1997, also available on RealAudio.

Annenberg Arts Education Initiative, December 1996
ANCHOR Initiative, November 1996
New York Yankees Celebration Speech, October 1996
TWA Flight 800 Memorial Speech, October 1996
Kennedy School of Government Immigration Speech, October 1996.
Hearing on Insurance Commission, October 1996
Mayor's Statement on Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October 1996
Conference on New Immigrants, September 1996
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996,
September 1996

Address at the Montoursville Memorial Service, August 1996
Speech Honoring Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, July 1996
Memorial Service for the Passengers of T.W.A. Flight 800, July 1996
Address on Tolerance, March 1996
State of the City, January 1996 (44k)
Domestic Violence Rally, January 1996 (44k)

Address to the United Nations General Assembly, September 1995
A Vision for Education, August 1995
State of the City, January 1995

Inaugural Address, January 1994

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