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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday July 19, 1998

This Summer, Beat the Heat
by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani

Nothing can match summertime in New York City. Our parks are packed with people, children fill our playgrounds, there are free outdoor cultural events all over the city, and everywhere you go there's a tangible feeling of excitement in the air.

But on most summer days there's also another feeling in the air — heat. Even though we all love sun and blue skies, we should also be aware of the risks they pose at the height of the summer, especially to our most vulnerable citizens. On days when the heat and the humidity make it feel like you're a turkey in the oven, make sure you take these basic precautions:

Finally, this week New York City got some great news. Our business-friendly policies are continuing to create more opportunities for the people of the City. In the month of June, 8,000 jobs were created in the City — making the gain in private sector employment from a year ago the greatest 12-month increase since 1952. And on top of this remarkable growth, unemployment continues to fall. Last month unemployment fell to 7.5 percent, to its lowest level since January 1991 — dropping .2 percentage points in a month that the national unemployment rate rose by .2 percent. With improving schools, continued crime reductions, and an ongoing decline in the welfare rolls, our job growth is another sign of a revitalized City that all New Yorkers can be proud of.

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