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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday, April 27, 1997

Good morning. Last Monday I announced at a press conference in the newly constructed parking lot of Krasdale Food in the Bronx the success of the City's multi-agency strategy to revitalize Hunts Point.

In the eight months since we implemented the Hunts Point Action Plan, we've seen the revitalization of neighborhoods and businesses in that community

. Economic development is on the rise. The streets are cleaner, traffic flow is better thanks to better signage and repaired street lights, and the neighborhood is safer than it's been in many, many years.

In fact, from 1994 through 1996, crime was down in Hunts Point by more than 45 percent -- which surpassed even the overall decline in crime citywide.

As crime has been reduced in this community, job opportunities have increased. The Economic Development Corporation will invest $35 million in the Hunts Point food markets. These markets comprise the largest food distribution center in the United States, providing produce and meat for more than 15 million people in the metropolitan area alone.

Hunts Point is critical to the honest, hard-working people of this city. In fact, more than 14,500 people are employed by businesses in Hunts Point and almost 9,000 people reside in the surrounding community. Now when people think of Hunts Point, they'll think of thriving businesses, increased business opportunities, and a community that's developing and growing stronger every day.

For years, the mob presence in the Hunts Point market prevented the growth and development of some of the legitimate businesses. My bill to rid the markets of organized crime is expected to pass in the City Council.

Much as we've done with the Fulton Fish Market and with the commercial waste industry, we'll be able to reduce the influence of organized crime and allow these businesses to flourish.

Through regulatory reform and strict oversight by the city, we're going to drive out the corrupt presence of crime in this industry and have infused fair competition back into the marketplace. And now we're seeing the results.

From Gracie Mansion, this is Rudy Giuliani.

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