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Mayor's WINS Address
January 1, 1997

Good morning, and happy New Year.

I often speak about New York city as the "capital of the world." And after last night's celebration in Times Square, there can be no doubt that we are certainly the capital of the world when it comes to New Year's Eve.

And New York City is the capital of the world in other areas as well, from business to finance to entertainment, communication and the arts, New York is the leader and the hub.

But as we look forward to the New Year, and reflect on the wonderful holiday season that we leave behind, I wanted to comment on another area in which New York City is the world capital.

We are the world capital of caring for people and whether it's the public sector, the private sector, the non-profit sector, or individuals, nowhere are there more people helping others than right here in these five boroughs.

We do more to house people than anywhere else. In fact, in NYCHA facilities we house a population as big as the entire city of Boston.

And we do more to help the homeless.

The city provides temporary housing to over 23,000 people a night, including 5,500 families.

And we have provided subsidized permanent housing for 14,000 formerly homeless families in the last three years.

We also provide substance abuse treatment for more than 1,500 homeless people on any given day.

We do more to help children than any other city.

We spend more on a per capita basis to educate our children than anywhere else.

And we also do more to protect our children than any other city. The Administration for Children's Services is the largest city agency devoted entirely to child welfare in the nation, helping more than 67,000 children currently in the system.

We do more to help sick people than any other city.

We provide more healthcare than any place else.

In fact the frequently stated national ideal of universal healthcare actually exists in New York City, where we guarantee healthcare to all our residents.

We do more to help immigrants than any other city, and despite the national anti-immigrant agenda, we will continue to support and honor our storied immigrant heritage.

And we do more to help poor people, including giving them back their dignity and control of their own lives by putting people to work, as we have done in our workfare program, and by moving more people off welfare and into jobs than any other city in the U.S.

We should be proud of all that we do for those less fortunate, and even as we seek to instill the concepts of reciprocity and personal responsibility in our programs, we are still committed to maintaining our city's proud tradition of caring and compassion.

In closing, I would just like to remind everyone that even on holidays, the dedicated city employees who provide us with critical services are out there, working for the benefit of all New Yorkers.

Each New Year, I visit the Policemen, Firemen, Sanitation Workers, and Correction Officers, and thank them for their efforts. If any of you see a city employee working this holiday, you might think about stopping and saying "thank you" as well.

From Gracie Mansion, this is Rudy Giuliani wishing everyone a happy New Year.

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