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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday, November 10, 1996

Good morning. Last Friday I announced that the city will increase the Board of Education's 1997 budget by 70 million dollars for the sole purpose of acquiring new text books for the children in our public school system.

Our children are the future of our city, our society and our nation, and we must give them the tools they need to prosper and succeed in the coming century.

It is simply unacceptable that the children in New York City public schools have had to make do with out-of-date text books -- in some cases children are still using books that are twenty, or twenty five years old. In other cases, children have no books at all.

This 70 million dollars is in addition to 69 million already allocated for new books in the current budget. So in effect, with this contribution, the budget for purchasing books will be doubled in one year.

City Council Speaker Peter Vallone has already indicated his strong support for this proposal, and I think that for the first time, City Hall is confident that we can turn money over to the school system, and that the money will actually get to the classrooms, and be used for the intended purpose of helping children.

And that's because in just one year's time, Chancellor Rudy Crew has made very positive changes to help rectify long-standing problems with the Board of Education. He's assembled a team of top professionals and he's greatly improved the Board's budgeting procedures and many other aspects of the way in which the Board did business in the past.

I announced this plan with Chancellor Crew at a public school on the Upper-West side of Manhattan, P.S. 191, a truly fine school. And while there I had the opportunity to spend some time with a kindergarten class.

I met Franklin, and Marleen, Cyrus, Stacy and Moriah, and the school artist, Johnny, who drew a picture of me and Chancellor Crew as we read a story to this wonderful class.

The look of interest and enthusiasm on their bright young faces was truly inspirational. Their excitement for learning and their desire to participate exemplifies the wonderful students and wonderful families that live throughout our city.

We must ensure that these talented young minds are nourished and developed in the best school system in the nation. I believe that Chancellor Crew has put the school system on the right path.

Now, we can start getting resources and materials to the children, to the classrooms, where it can make a real difference in the educations of our young people.

From Gracie Mansion, this is Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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