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Mayor's WINS Address
October 27, 1996

New York City is now the world championship city for baseball, and the team that won it for us is symbolic of New York and New Yorkers. They're a "come from behind team," they're a team that under pressure exceeds all expectations, and rises to the level of becoming champions. That's exactly what the people of New York City are all about. You challenge the people of New York City and they do better, and they do better than anyone ever expected. This New York Yankee team has captured the hearts of all New Yorkers, because they're a "come from behind team", and they're a team that wins by everybody contributing. My congratulations to the New York Yankees, and I thank them for what they've done for the city.

To George Steinbrenner, who put this team together, and stayed with them as the critics very often put pressure on him to make changes.

And to Joe Torre, the field general who guided this team to victory, under the worst kind of odds. To the great players, to the most valuable player, John Wetteland, who was the first pitcher ever to have four saves in a World Series, and sets a World Series record.

To Cecil Fielder, who pulled the team through offensively, and got them to where they were.

To Jim Leyritz whose homerun turned this series around, and to Joe Gerardi, whose hitting and defense led the Yankees to victory in this final game that clinched the World Series.

And to Mariano Rivera, whose great pitching in the sixth games and in so many others meant that the Yankees virtually owned the seventh and eighth innings. Nobody could score on them in those innings.

And to Bernie Williams, who drove in the winning run in the sixth game and led the Yankees to win series games and playoff games, and he was really one of our great stars.

And of course to Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden, whose personal comebacks are even more significant than the Yankee comebacks.

And of course to Frank Torre, Joe's brother, whose heart transplant operation looks like it will be successful.

And to Joe's great family--the Torre family, a family from Brooklyn who has now brought a World Championship to New York.

And of course to the fans. They conducted themselves as champions. They even cheered Maddox as he left the field after pitching his heart out in trying to win for the Atlanta Braves, showing that New Yorkers respect champions in great performances.

The Atlanta team is a great team. Now the New York Yankees, the team from New York, beat the Atlanta Braves, a great team and took the World Championship of baseball away from them, and brought it to New York City. All of the people of our city can feel great pride in the Yankees, and they can feel great pride in their city, the capital of the world. The world championship team for baseball and the world championship city, for every purpose that I can think of. I'm very proud of New York City tonight. I'm very proud of the Yankees. And I want to thank them for what they've contributed to the City of New York.

This is Rudy Giuliani from Gracie Mansion.

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