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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday, September 22, 1996

Good morning. Last Monday I released the annual Mayor's Management Report. This detailed report evaluates the success that we have experienced in managing the City during the last fiscal year.

While the report covers many aspects of city services, I'd like to start by discussing three areas that have been top priorities of my administration: crime reduction, job growth and welfare reform.

In the area of crime, New York City is continuing our historic crime reductions. The total index of crime and murder are at their lowest levels in the past 25 years. Overall crime has been reduced by nearly 37% since 1993, and the murder rate has been reduced by almost 50%. New York is now just about the safest large city in America, ranking 142nd in the number of crime complaints per capita.

In the area of job growth, we've seen unprecedented success in our efforts to expand New York City's private sector job base. Since the beginning of my administration, more than 100,000 private sector jobs have been added to the City's economy, which is especially good news considering that the City lost more than 300,000 jobs during the prior administration.

And our welfare reform initiatives have also begun to show positive results. We have reduced the welfare roles by 166,000 people, or 14.3%. And just last month, the public assistance population in the city dropped below 1 million for the first time in more than four years, due largely the eligibility and workfare programs. As of today, over 34,000 people who are on welfare work for the City of New York in exchange for their welfare checks. That is good for them, and it is certainly good for the City.

The Mayor's Management Report reveals successes in other areas as well. For example, we have seen dramatic improvements in the cleanliness of our city.

Since 1993 we have reduced the number of "dirty districts" by 71.5%. In June and July of this year -- for the first time since 1987 -- our city had no dirty districts at all. And after dealing with the worst winter for snowfall in city history, our cleanliness ratings from April through August were the highest ever recorded in the 22 years that the City has been measuring street cleanliness.

And in the last year, The overall condition ratings of our parks also improved by nearly 20%.

In the last year we have made significant headway in our pledge to improve the lives of our city's most vulnerable. With the establishment of The Administration for Children's Services, we created the first agency entirely devoted to protecting children. We have already taken important steps in implementing higher standards for staff, expanding training, maintaining sufficient caseload ratios, and automating internal, as well as state-wide data.

We have also continued our efforts to reinvent city government. From increased automation to reorganization to partnerships with the private sector, we have been able to do more as we've reduced the size of the City's payroll; maintaining services while reducing costs, and working towards reducing our out-year budget gaps.

While we realize that there is still much more that needs to be done, The Mayor's Management Report supports our belief that New York City is governable, that conditions here can be improved, and that -- even in what were once considered our most intractable problems -- with the right managerial philosophy and the right spirit -- we can begin to see real, positive change.

From Gracie Mansion, this Rudy Giuliani.

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