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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday, July 28, 1996

Good morning.

As New Yorkers, Americans, and the World were living through the shock of the downing of TWA Flight 800, another tragedy, the bombing of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, again jarred all of us with the need for heightened security.

Just two days earlier, President Clinton, after his compassionate visit with the families of the victims of TWA Flight 800, called for substantially increased security at airports. Some questioned whether Americans would accept the burdens which would come with these increased security measures.

The events of the past 10 days, however, made clear to all of us that more, much more, must be done to provide all those in America with greater protection against possible acts of terrorism.

The increased security measures at airports should be implemented as soon as possible. We must also reinvigorate and reemphasize our intelligence efforts domestically and world-wide so we can preempt as many of these attempts as possible.

We must also be relentless in our pursuit of terrorists and isolate those nations which have been allowed to harbor and train terrorists and we must be willing to seek maximum penalties under the law for convicted terrorists and military action where terrorism is state sponsored or when nations are used for the training, launching or harboring of terrorists.

But America must also realize that not all of the terrorism we face comes from abroad. The Oklahoma City bombing emerged from hatred and depravity spawned right here in the United States. The paramilitary groups and the xenophobic haters must also be focused on with the same attention we've given to organized crime.

Most importantly, we must not allow these terrorists, organized or individual, to create the kind of fear that cripples our ability to enjoy the benefits of democracy and freedom.

Yesterday, I called Mayor Campbell of Atlanta and after expressing to him our condolences and our prayers and our support for him and for everyone in Atlanta, I told him that all Americans must now redouble their support for the Olympics.

This act of barbarism should not in any way diminish the accomplishments of the great athletes and other participants in the Atlanta Olympics. Nor should the TWA Flight 800 catastrophe inhibit us from flying or carrying on our lives in a normal and sensible way.

To all New Yorkers, I remind you that due to the efforts of our Police Department, our law enforcement organizations, state, federal, and city and our prevention and community efforts, New York City has become one of America's safest cities. We'll continue all of those efforts. Life is going on as usual in our great city.

Yesterday, in lower Manhattan, the Little League Regional Championship was played in Battery Park City. Youngsters and parents enjoyed themselves in the shadow of the great buildings which make up the Financial Capital of the World. It was safe, it was peaceful and it was inspiring.

Later in the day, the Yankees celebrated their annual Old Timers' Day and Reggie Jackson took us all back to the last game of the 1977 World Series by blasting a three-run homer and standing there at the plate and watching it. And then the present day Yankees won again and maintained their 11 game lead on their way to a division title.

The fact is that in the face of these tragedies, our city, our state and our nation have pulled together, rallying around the families of the victims. President Clinton, Governor Pataki, Senator D'Amato, and Senator Moynihan all joined together on Thursday to show our solidarity and providing the necessary security and most of all, showing compassion to the families who have been the victims of the horrible air crash.

I would like to particularly congratulate the New York City Police Department and Fire Department, the Community Assistance Unit, and the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management for exemplifying the very highest standards of professionalism and sensitivity as they assist the federal authorities and the families in every way possible.

These tragedies have jarred us, they've hurt us, indeed, they've even frightened us. But in the face of it, New Yorkers and Americans have come together and we will be stronger.

From Gracie Mansion, this is Rudy Giuliani.

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