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Mayor's WINS Address
Sunday, January 09, 2000

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Governor, Mayor, Moynihan, Silver Unveil Governors Island Plan

Creating a New City Landmark for the New Century
by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani

A half mile southeast of Manhattan and just across the channel from Brooklyn is a small island called Governor's Island.

Though it's served a number of different uses throughout the history of our city, today it sits largely underutilized, representing a tremendous opportunity for development. That's why this Thursday I was very excited to stand with Governor George Pataki and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to announce a plan that will transform Governor's Island into a major civic, cultural and educational destination.

The southern end of the Island will become a 50-acre public park with recreation facilities and opportunities for visitors to experience the beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty, the skyline and New York Harbor. A new museum celebrating the Hudson River will include major exhibits on the river's ecological systems as well as exhibits on the crucial role the Harbor has played as a military and commercial center throughout our nation's history.

And a family entertainment center similar to the popular tourist attraction at Colonial Williamsburg will focus on historical themes such as the American Revolution and the history of America's armed forces. There will also be athletic fields and facilities… a newly enhanced esplanade… waterside dining, retail shops, a conference center, and more.

The plan represents an intelligent collaboration that will preserve the island's rich history… provide the public with vital parks and open spaces… and offer cultural, educational and commercial activities for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

It's so exciting to think about the fact that future generations will have access in New York Harbor to not only Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty-which are two of the greatest attractions in the world-but to this wonderful historic island that appeals to them in so many different ways.

Again, I want to thank Governor Pataki and particularly also thank Deputy Mayor Randy Levine, who served as Chair of the City's Task Force on Governor's Island, for their efforts in developing these plans… and I also want to thank Senator Pat Moynihan, who from the very beginning has been focused on the very best use of Governor's Island, and I look forward to the future groundbreaking when this week's plan becomes a reality. This is Rudy Giuliani

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