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Mayor's Office Executive Orders 1974 - 2001

The Mayor of the City of New York, as the City's Chief Executive Officer, has the authority to issue orders to executive branch agencies, offices, divisions, and bureaus. Generally, these orders concern the implementation of laws and/or mayoral policies. Please note that executive orders may be amended, modified, or repealed by subsequent orders.

Mayor Abraham D. Beame ( 1974 - 1977)

1 1/1/1974 Continuation of all executive orders prior to 12/31/73.
2 1/1/1974 Establishment of offices of three Deputy Mayors.  Amends EO #71 of 1971, EO #20 of 1970, EO #31 of 1971, EO #74 of 1971 to delete references to Deputy-Mayor-City- Administrator and City Administrator. 
3 1/1/1974 Functions, Duties, Personnel Positions and Facilities of Office of City Administrator transferred to Bureau of the Budget.
4 1/1/1974 Preservation of Civil Service merit system.  re: appointments and promotions in City Agencies from only eligible lists.  Supercedes “1 in 3” Rule. 
5 1/7/1974 Appointment of a Special Assistant to the Mayor to Exercise the Functions, Powers and Duties Imposed by Section 210 of Civil Service Law.
6 1/21/1974 Amendment of EO #75 of 1973 re: time spent on Union activity.
7 1/22/1974 Amendment of EO #2 of 1974 re: deputy mayors, to outline the duties etc. of these offices.  
8 3/14/1974 Regulations governing cash payments for unused accrued compensatory time on death of certain uniformed forces employees while in City’s employ.
9 3/14/1974 Regulations governing cash payments for unused accrued annual leave and unused compensatory time on death of certain sanitation service employees while in the City’s employ.
10 3/14/1974 Regulations governing cash payments for unused accrued annual leave and unused accrued compensatory time on death of certain correction service employees while in the City’s employ.
11 3/14/1974 Establishment of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 
12 3/22/1974 Establishment of a Division of Management Analysis.
13 3/28/1974 Establishment of the Manhattan Civic Center Task Force.
14 5/21/1974 In relation to equal employment opportunity in city government employment 
15 6/20/1974 Cooperation by the City with NYC Stabilization Reserve Corporation 
16 7/9/1974 Amendment of EO #28 of 1970 (re: Construction Board for Capital Construction Program) outlining the duties etc. of the Director of Construction. 
17 7/16/1974 Amendment of EO #15 of 1974, directing cooperation by the City with the NYC Stabilization Reserve Corp.
18 7/25/1974 Establishment of an Office of Electronic Data Processing-Municipal Service Administration.
19 8/1/1974 Submission of space requests by mayoral agencies 
20 8/1/1974 Administration of Budget Appropriations.
21 10/17/1974 Establishment of a revised screening procedure for appointments within mayoral agencies 
22 11/27/1974 Establishment of the Inter-Agency Health Council 
23 12/6/1974 Establishment of the Upper Manhattan Planning and Development Office of the Mayor (Merged by EO #63 of 1976).
24 12/16/1974 Establishment of Vacancy Control Bd.
25 12/12/1974 Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 
26 2/11/1975 Extension of Employment Beyond Mandatory Retirement Age.
27 3/21/1975 Commission for Cultural Affairs of N.Y.C.
28 3/31/1975 Establishment of a Commission On The Status Of Women 
29 4/16/1975 Municipal Energy Conservation Program 
30 6/24/1975 Monetary Lump Sum Payment in Lieu of Accrued Annual Leave and/or Compensatory Time to Employees Who Retire Due to Reduction Of Staff for Economic Reasons.
31 6/24/1975 Monetary Lump Sum Payment for Terminal Leave Allowances to Employees Who are Terminated, Laid Off, or Retired Due to Reduction Of Staff for Economic Reasons.
32 7/15/1975 Monitoring Of The Expenditures of City Agencies.
33 8/4/1975 Enforcement of Work Rules and Replacement of Employees Terminated by Disciplinary Action.
34 8/26/1975 The N.Y.C. Council Against Poverty.
35 8/28/1975 Elimination of the Office of Staten Island Development. 
36 8/28/1975 Restructuring Youth Services 
37 8/29/1975 Suspension of Salary or Wage Increases.
38 8/29/1975 Elimination of the Office of Civil Defense.
39 9/8/1975 Proposed Amendments Relating to Home Improvement Business Regulations
40 9/25/1975 Amendment of EO #2 of 1974
41 9/30/1975 Delegation of Authority to Deputy Mayor for Finance 
42 10/9/1975 Approval of Contracts by the Mayor.
43 10/14/1975 Mayor’s Fiscal Committee.
44 10/31/1975 Establishment of a Municipal News and Information Bureau in the Office of the Mayor.
45 11/5/1975 Administration of Budget Appropriations
46 11/13/1975 Electrical Energy Savings 
47 11/26/1975 Board of Advisors for Sailors’ Snug Harbor.
48 12/9/1975 Telephone Reductions 
49 1/22/1976 Delegation of Authority to First Deputy Mayor.
50 1/16/1976 Youth Services 
51 2/4/1976 Establishment of Procedures for Centralized Direction of Title X Activities.
52 2/26/1976 CJCC: re Duties of Chairman & Director 
53 3/5/1976 Director of Civil Preparedness.
54 3/16/1976 Utilization of Real Property.
55 3/29/1976 Delegation of Powers of the Finance Board. 
56 4/2/1976 Control of Overtime and Part-Time Hours.
57 4/12/1976 Urban Design Council 
58 5/6/1976 Occupational Safety and Health Planning Task Force 
59 5/7/1976 Establishment of Procedures for the Centralized Coordination and Direction of the Medicaid Program.
60 5/28/1976 Conservation of Energy Resources 
61 6/30/1976 Quarterly Allocation and Personnel Ceiling Control Systems.
62 7/19/1976 Delegation of Finance Board powers to Comptroller 
63 7/26/1976 Establishment of the Office of Development 
64 7/26/1976 Establishment of the Mayor’s Midtown Action Office.
65 7/27/1976 Interagency Committee on Minority Business Development.
66 8/2/1976 Telephone Reductions 
67 8/16/1976 Council Against Poverty changes terms of members 
68 8/25/1976 Establishment of a Mayor’s Commission for Distinguished Guests and the Office of Special Events 
69 8/25/1976 Administration of Budget Appropriations.
70 9/15/1976 Establishment of the Financial Information Services Agency.
71 9/16/1976 Delegation of Authority to Deputy Mayor for Finance.
72 9/16/1976 Establishment of a Department of Parks and Recreation Concessions’ Review Committee 
73 10/20/1976 Adds Deputy Mayor for Economic Development 
74 12/15/1976 Amends EO #38 of 1967 in Relation to the Duties, Responsibilities and Authority of the Director of Labor Relations.
75 2/4/1977 Creation of a Director of Operations and Amendment of EO #24 of 1974.
76 2/10/1977 Establishment of a Westway Expediting Council. 
77 2/11/1977 Designation of Business Service Liaisons.
78 2/11/1977 Establishment of the Office of Human Service Planning.
79 2/23/1977 Westway Expediting Council 
80 3/4/1977 Creation of a Director of Labor-Management Relations 
81 3/7/1977 Change in Nomenclature Director of Municipal Labor Relations and Office of Municipal Labor Relations. 
82 3/31/1977 Monetary Lump Sum Payment.
83 4/20/1977 Mayor’s Emergency Control Board.
84 5/26/1977 Amendment to EO #2 (2d) of 1970 in relation to the Awarding of Contracts Under the Emergency Repair Program Under Public Emergency Conditions and  in Special Cases.
85 6/7/1977 Copier Costs Reduction.
86 6/7/1977 Commission on Status of Women
87 7/11/1977 Transfer of Functions, Powers and Duties of the Council Against Poverty of the City of New York to the Administration of the Human Resources Administration.
88 7/18/1977 Establishment of a Special Commission of Inquiry into Energy Failures.
89 7/21/1977 Information Regarding Apprenticeship Programs and Health, Welfare and Pension Plans to be Submitted with Each Bid on New York City Construction Contracts
90 Administration of Budget Appropriations for 1978 fiscal year. 
91 8/24/1977 City Environmental Quality Review.
92 9/27/1977 Establishment of An Office of Computer Plans and Controls in the Office of the Director of Operations 
93 9/28/1977 Capital Budget Project Procedures.
94 10/27/1977 Creation of Urban Homesteading Demonstration Area 
95 12/2/1977 Designation of the Commissioner of Health to Succeed to the Powers and Responsibilities of the Health Service  s Administrator.
96 12/7/1977 Designation of the Emergency Medical Service as the Coordinating Agency for Emergency Medical Care for the City of New York.
97 12/15/1977 Creation of Urban Homesteading Demonstration Area