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Chancellor Frank J. Macchiarola Memos to the Board, 1978-1983, Series 1110 


The records of Chancellor Frank J. Macchiarola document the central administration of the New York City schools during the period 1978-1983. The Chancellor’s memorandums to the Board comprise Series 1110 of the Board of Education Record Group and are part of the subgroup of Records of the Chancellor. They are part of accession 05-036.

The records were placed in the custody of Teachers College Library by the Board of Education. They were transferred to the Municipal Archives in 2003.

The series consists of 16 cubic feet of records. They were organized and inventoried by the Municipal Archives in 2005, with support from the New York State Archives under its Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund.

Scope and Content

The series of memos to the Board constitutes a portion of the overall group of records of the Chancellor. They were maintained as a separate file, continuous through Chancellor Macchiarola’s term of office, while most of the other central files of the Chancellor were maintained on an academic year basis. The primary function of the memos, with extensive attachments, was to keep Board members fully informed on all major activities in the realms of policy and administration. As a result, their scope is extremely broad and they provide an in-depth view of many aspects of the public schools.

Series Descriptions

Series 1110. Chancellor Frank J. Macchiarola. Memos to the Board. 1978-1983. 16 cu. ft.

Memos from the Chancellor to the members of the Board, as a group. Most memos have attachments, including reports, statistics, audits, copies of correspondence, and publications. Arranged chronologically by the memo date (attachment dates vary, but attachments are filed with the covering memo). The memos and attachments deal with every type of policy and administrative matter, including issues of governance, teacher selection, desegregation, pupil suspension, curriculum development, financial oversight, and administrative management and reform. Included also are memos dealing with matters of immediate importance involving the need for consultation or meetings between the Chancellor and the Board. The memos dated February 18-28, 1983, included here, are from Acting Chancellor Richard Halverson.

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