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Death Certificate 

Application for a Search and/or Certified Copy of a Death Record before 1949

To request a search and certified copy, please use our secure online order form. All your payment information will be safely encrypted.
Requesta Search and Certified Copy Online 

If you already have a certificate number, use the form below to order a certified copy.
Request a Certified Copy Online 

You may also send us your request by mail. Download the form below and follow the instructions provided.
Request a Search and/or Certified Copy by Mail - (in PDF)

Fee Schedule:  

Issuance of certified copy, when certificate number is provided, or search of death record, in one year, and in one Borough, for one name and issuance of one certified copy, or "not found" statement$15.00
Per additional year to be searched in one Borough for the same name$2.00
Per additional Borough to be searched in one year for the same name$2.00
Per additional copy of record$10.00
Per “Letter of Exemplification” to be appended to certified copy$5.00

General Information: 

  • Always provide as specific information as possible about the death event. Precise and accurate information enables us to perform a thorough search and will result in a greater likelihood of locating the certificate.
  • Death certificates are filed according to place of death; not usual place of residence, or place of burial.
  • The Bronx did not exist as a separate Borough until 1898. New York City (Manhattan) annexed the area west of the Bronx River in 1874 and annexed the area east of the Bronx River in 1895. For death records in those areas after the date of annexation through 1897, specify a search of Manhattan records.
  • Death records prior to 1866 for Manhattan are not indexed. Please provide the month, day and year of death.
  • Manhattan and Brooklyn deaths prior to 1866 were recorded in ledger book format; the following information was recorded: date of death, decedent's name, age, residence and nativity; cause of death, burial place and name of medical attendant.
  • Death record indexes for Brooklyn, 1898-1909, and Manhattan, 1891-1909, are listed by month; there is no cumulative index for the year. For a death record search in these Boroughs during this time period, please provide the date (month, day and year), or limit search request to one calendar year.
  • Please allow between four to six weeks to process a vital record request

Shipping & Handling

Effective December 15, 2009:


Item TotalS&H
Up to $14.99$2.50
$15.00 - $29.99$3.50
$30.00 - $44.99$4.50
$45.00 - $59.99$5.50
$60.00 - $79.99$6.50
$80.00 - $109.99$8.50
$110.00 - $119.99$11.00
$120.00 and up$15.00

International: Double above S&H charges.