RABRC - Report and Advisory Board Review Commission
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Public Meetings, Hearings, & Materials

Past Meetings & Hearings

Past Meetings & Hearings


1)   November 19, 2012, 3pm- Public Hearing
22 Reade St, Spector Hall, Manhattan

On November 19, 2012, the Commission held a public meeting and vote on waivers for the 21 reports and boards under consideration this year.  The Commission voted to waive 15 reports and boards and to retain 6 others.

Read the Commission waiver determinations (in PDF)
Read the draft meeting minutes here (in PDF)

2)   May 11, 2012, 2pm - Public Hearing
22 Reade St, Spector Hall, Manhattan

Read the public notice (in PDF)
Read the public testimony for the hearing (in PDF)
Read the agency responses to public hearing testimony (in PDF)
Read the transcript of the hearing (in PDF) - Note: This transcript is subject to correction by the Commission at its next meeting.

3)   February 28, 2012, 3pm - Public Meeting
22 Reade St, Spector Hall, Manhattan

Read the public notice (in PDF)
Read the agenda, minutes, and materials presented (in PDF)

The Commission is considering waiver of the following reporting requirements and advisory boards. Links are provided for all available reports and advisory boards.


  1. Arson Strike Force Report (in PDF) (Administrative Code §15-303)
  2. Class Size Report (partial waiver) (Charter §522(c)-(f))
  3. Criminal Justice Account Allocation of Funds Report (Administrative Code §5-605)
  4. Drug Enforcement/Drug Abuse Task Force Report (in PDF) (Administrative Code §3-111)
  5. Horse Drawn Cab Stand Report (Administrative Code §19-174)
  6. Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program Report (in PDF) (Administrative Code §11-267)
  7. Outreach Programs Report (in PDF) (Charter §612(a)(7))
  8. Permanent Housing Needs Report (in PDF) (Charter §614)
  9. Preliminary Mayor's Management Report (in PDF) (Charter §12)
  10. Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan Report (in PDF) (Administrative Code §24-526.1)
  11. Temporary and Non-Standard Classroom Report (in PDF) (Charter §522(b))
  12. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for Ferries Report (Administrative Code §19-307)
  13. Use of Refuse Burning Equipment without Control Apparatus Report (Administrative Code §24-158)
  14. Zoning and Planning Report (in PDF) (Charter §192(f))
Advisory Boards:
  1. Arson Strike Force (in PDF)(Administrative Code §15-301)
  2. Consumers Council (in PDF) (Charter §2204)
  3. Drug Enforcement and Drug Abuse Task Force (in PDF)(Administrative Code §3-111)
  4. Inter-Agency Advisory Council on Towing (Administrative Code §20-521)
  5. NYC Commission for the Foster Care of Children (in PDF)(Administrative Code §21-118)
  6. Resource Recovery Task Force (Charter §1403)
  7. Tattoo Regulation Advisory Committee (Administrative Code §17-361)
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