RABRC - Report and Advisory Board Review Commission
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Welcome to the Report and Advisory Board Review Commission’s Website

New York City's Charter and Administrative Code require agencies to issue hundreds of detailed reports. Many reports and related advisory boards are useful to the public and City workers -- they describe what agencies are doing, how well they are performing, and how they can improve.

Over the years, reporting requirements have steadily increased as new laws were passed. Some of these requirements are outdated or redundant, and use valuable resources for little public benefit. 

The Commission

In November 2010 New York City voters recognized the need to review the continued usefulness of certain reports and related advisory boards and approved a Charter referendum establishing the Report and Advisory Board Review Commission.

The Commission is eager to hear from the public about which reporting requirements and advisory boards serve an important function and which the Commission should consider waiving. We encourage you to review the information on this website, e-mail us comments and questions, and attend public meetings and hearings.

We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring that government reports and advisory boards help make City government efficient, effective, and accountable.

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