RABRC - Report and Advisory Board Review Commission
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About the Commission

In November 2010 New York City voters approved a Charter referendum proposal (in PDF) establishing the Report and Advisory Board Review Commission to review and assess the continued usefulness of certain requirements for reports and advisory boards. The Commission is chaired by the Director of the Mayor's Office of Operations and consists of representatives of the City Council, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), and the Law Department.

Review Process
The Commission must review all reports and boards established by the City Charter, Administrative Code, and local law. As part of this process, the Commission solicits feedback from groups and organizations that are the subject of, or are affected by, these reports and boards. Click here for more information about our mailing list.

Waiver Process
After reviewing a reporting requirement, the Commission may vote to retain it or waive it in whole or in part, or in the case of an advisory board, vote to retain or dissolve it. The City Council may vote either to approve or disapprove the Commission's waiver or dissolution; failure of the City Council to act would constitute approval of the Commission's recommendation. The Mayor may veto the City Council's disapproval and the City Council may override the Mayor by a two-thirds vote.

Additional Recommendations
The Commission is also empowered to issue recommendations to the Mayor and City Council to modify reports and boards to make them more effective, including recommendations to modify or consolidate reporting requirements in light of technological advances or additional data needs.

Public Feedback

The Commission strongly encourages public feedback. Please review the information on this website about past and upcoming meetings and hearings and opportunities for the public to provide input. As of April 20, 2012, all new comments sent by mail or email will be posted on a biweekly basis to this site subject to the Commission’s Comment Submission Policy. 

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