As of March 2005, a substantial rezoning has been undertaken with the support of the Department of City Planning. The impetus of this rezoning was a call from the Kew Gardens Civic Association, Richmond Hill Historical Society, Kew Gardens Improvement Association, and countless residents; all of whom demanded that the zoning be brought into parity with the built environment. By doing so, there is less opportunity for out of context development, which often diminishes the very reason many of us settled into this area.

The community is grateful of the support of Queens City Planning staff including Erika Selke and Director John Young. We also acknowledge the steadfast support of Council Members Melinda Katz (City Council Chair of Land Use) and Dennis Gallagher.

Learn more about the history of this rezoning from the City Planning Web site
View the revised Zoning Map in pdf format

We are currently engaged in a Zoning Study for major portions of Woodhaven, Ozone Park, and Richmond Hill (south of Jamaica Avenue). Community Board No. 9 spearheaded this project in autumn of 2005. We anticipate a proposed revision to the Zoning Maps in early 2007.