Our Neighborhoods

Community Board #7 includes the following neighborhoods:

AUBURNDALE lies in the eastern portion of our board area going from 18th Avenue to the north, Booth Memorial Avenue to the south, 207th Street to the east (extending into Community Board #11), and 162nd Street to the west. (ZIP code 11358)

BROADWAY FLUSHING borders 155th to 162nd Street on the north, south on 162nd Street to 32nd Avenue; 32nd Avenue from 162nd to 170th Street; 170th Street frolm 32nd Avenue to Crocheron Avenue; Crocheron Avenue from 170th Street to Northern Boulevard; Northern Boulevard to 155th Street, and 155th Street from Northern Boulevard to 29th Avenue. (ZIP code 11358)


EAST FLUSHING is bordered by 32nd Avenue on the north, 45th Avenue on the south, 162nd Street on the east, and 151st Street to the west. (ZIP code 11354/58)

KISSENA PARK AREA is bordered by 45th Avenue to the north, 162nd Street to the east, Kissena Park to the south, and Kissena Boulevard to the west. (ZIP code 11355)

MITCHELL-LINDEN area is bordered by the Whitestone Expressway to the north, Parsons Boulevard to the south, east to 25th Avenue, and west to Linden Place. (ZIP code 11354)

NORTH EAST FLUSHING CIVIC ASSOCIATION border lines are 25th Avenue on the Northe, 32nd Avenue to the South on the East is Utopia Parkway and the West at 16th Street/Bayside Lane & 166th Street (ZIP code 11358)

NORTH FLUSHING area is bordered by Willets Point Boulevard to the north, Northern Boulevard to the south, Murray Street to the east, and Union Street to the west. (ZIP code 11354)

OFF BROADWAY is bordered by Northern Boulevard to the north, Depot Road to the south, 159th Street to the east, and 157th Street to the west. (ZIP code 11354)

QUEENSBOROUGH HILL is bordered on the north by Booth Memorial Avenue, on the east by Kissena Boulevard, Long Island Expressway to the south, and the Van Wyck Expressway to the south. (ZIP code 11355)

STATION ROAD is bordered on north by Station Road, 46th Avenue on the south, Utopia Parkway on the east and 165th Street on the west. (ZIP code 11358)

Other Areas
BAY TERRACE goes from Little Neck Bay on the north to Clearview Expressway to the west, Little Neck Bay to the East, and 26th Avenue to the south. This community also includes Fort Totten, Little Bay Park and the Clearview Expressway up to 26th Avenue. (ZIP code 11360)

COLLEGE POINT goes north to the East River, east to 133rd Street, and south and west to Flushing Bay. (ZIP code 11356)

The town of Whitestone includes the following areas:

BEECHHURST is bordered on the north by Riverside Drive, east to 162nd Street, south to Cryders Lane and west to 154th Street. (ZIP code 11357)

MALBA is bordered on the west by 138th Street, north by the East River, east to the Whitestone Expressway service road, and south to 13th Avenue. (ZIP code 11357)

ROBINWOOD is bordered on the north by 12th Avenue, south to the Cross Island Parkway, east to Utopia Parkway and west to 160th Street. (ZIP code 11357)

A brand new neighborhood that will be developed in the future is the old "Iron Triangle" abutting Shea Stadium. This area is boundered by Northern Boulevard, Willets Point Boulevard, and 126th Street.


Our neighborhoods vary from single family homes to high rise developments mainly in the downtown Flushing area, Mitchell Linden, and Bay Terrace. Each of these areas does have a commercial component serving the immediate neighborhood.

We also have two large commercial shopping areas - the Bay Terrace shopping center that abuts Bell Boulevard, and 26th Avenue which includes restaurants, a movie complex, parking garage, and a supermarket, plus retail stores serving the community, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods of Bayside, Whitestone, and Flushing.

Along 20th Avenue going from the Whitestone Expressway to 130th Street is a major retail shopping area. This center not only serves the local communities of Whitestone and College Point, but many areas within the borough due its proximity to the Whitestone Expressway, Van Wyck Expressway, and Grand Central Parkway, and the Whitestone Bridge.