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Message from District Manager

Message from the DM Susan Seinfeld

When I became the District Manager for Community Board 11 in 2004, I found a plaque in the office "In Defense of District Managers". It lists the various "chores" "…resident philosopher, form writer, form signer, master politician, consultant, budget director, teacher, planner, nag, goals setter, liaison, building super, personnel director, research staff, …and all around expert." In a nutshell that is the job of the district manager. In the office with me are two other staff members. Besides helping residents with questions about the various city services, I coordinate the Board's public meetings, hold monthly meetings with City agency representatives and attend various meetings on behalf of the Board. The staff and I have also organized flu vaccine clinics with St. Mary's Hospital for Children, collected for Toys for Tots with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, sponsored VIN etching events with the 111th Police Precinct, sponsored toy drive and gifts for Veterans with Assembly Member Ed Braunstein and collect "Eyes for the Needy" with the Lions Club of Little Neck.

It is a pleasure to work for the members of Community Board 11 and for the community residents. Working with the various City agency representatives, who serve Community Board 11, I endeavor to help ensure that our parks are beautiful, our streets are clean, our neighborhoods safe and environment healthy. 

I welcome residents and business owners to call the board office for assistance with city services and to answer any questions.


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