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News & Media Coverage

Connecting NYC Youth to Educational Opportunities (NYC YES)
"Nagging, as a Force for Good" - The New York Times, 02/28/2014
"NYC Department of Probation holds job, education program in the Bronx" - News 12 Bronx, 02/25/2014

Resource Hubs

"From Waiting Rooms to Resource Hubs: Designing Change at the Department of Probation" – Urban Omnibus, 10/10/2012
"City Transforming Probation Waiting Rooms Into Resource Hubs" - NY1, 08/16/2012
"Opening Up Opportunities" - Metropolis Magazine, 04/13/2012

Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON)

"NYC Probation Receives National Award for Excellence" - New York Nonprofit Press, 01/15/2014
"City's Inmate Population Declines" – Wall Street Journal, 12/26/2013
"Bloomberg Touts Record Low Crime And Incarceration Rate" – NY1, 12/26/2013
"A progress report on the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON)" - NY1, Road to City Hall, 12/12/2013  
"Neighborhood Opportunity Network: Transforming Probation" - Perspectives, 12/01/2013
"New York Probation Center's New Tack on Rehabilitation" – Voice of America, 08/09/2013
"In New York, Probation Can Mean More Than Just Punishment" – Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 05/03/13
"Poetry man helps people find rhyme and reason in unlikely place—the city Probation Department office in the Bronx" – New York Daily News, 03/24/2013

"Where People Live" (in PDF) - Child Welfare Watch, 12/11/2012
"From Waiting Rooms to Resource Hubs: Designing Change at the Department of Probation" – Urban Omnibus, 10/10/2012

"Network to help probation clients on Staten Island" – Staten Island Advance, 10/03/2012
'Million-Dollar Blocks' Map Incarceration's Costs – NPR, 10/02/2012
"New 'NeON' center in the South Bronx to offer more services to probationers is touted by city officials" - Daily News, 0829/2012
"NYC makes probation offices more local, accessible" - Associated Press, 08/29/2012
"New Hope in South Bronx" - The Epoch Times, 08/29/2012
"Bloomberg Opens a New Kind Of Probation Office In the South Bronx" - WFUV, 08/29/2012
"NYC Probation Opens South Bronx NeON" - New York Nonprofit Press, 08/29/2012
"New Neighborhood Opportunity Network opens" - Queens Courier, 07/24/2012
"Bloomberg initiative revamps Jamaica probation program" - Queens Times Ledger, 07/19/2012
"For Probationers, Moving Offices Closer to Improve Results" - New York Times, 06/20/2012
"Harlem NeON Opening" - WFUV (MP3)
"New satellite Probation office brings programs and services probationers need to Central Harlem neighborhood" - New York Daily News, 04/10/2012
"Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Gibbs and Probation Commissioner Schiraldi launch first Neighborhood Opportunity Network - NeON - a central element of Young Men's Initiative" - Mayor's Office Press Release, 12/08/2011
"NYC Probation Commissioner Explains Connection With Mayor's Young Men's Initiative" - NY1, 10/19/2011
"Probation Department to open local offices in exchange for community service, anti-crime work" - Daily News, 12/2/2010

"Teens On Probation Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy"- Voice of America, 08/14/2013
"Summer program to put probation clients to work helping Staten Island Sandy victims" - Staten Island Advance, 07/09/2013
"City summer group connects troubled teens with Sandy recovery jobs" – amNY, 07/08/2013
"Jobs in Sandy Relief for NYC’s Troubled Youth" - Epoch Times, 07/08/2013
"Summer Youth Wrap Program offers those on probation a chance to help local communities after Sandy" - News 12 Brooklyn, 07/08/2013
"NYC Teens On Probation Return To Help Sandy Victims This Summer; There Are 450 Participants For Summer YouthWRAP" – WCBS, 07/08/2013
"NYC Teens on Probation to Help with Sandy Relief" – WFUV, 07/08/2013   
"YouthWRAP Story" - New Tang Dynasty TV, 07/09/2013 
Troubled teens give back to beleaguered residents of Gerritsen Beach, a community devastated by Hurricane Sandy” – NY Daily News, 03/11/2013

Juvenile Justice

"Another Chance for Mone’t" – New York Times, 05/06/2013
"Growing Movement Toward Localizing Juvenile Justice" - Youth Today, 01/10/2012
"Viewpoint: Localizing juvenile justice spurs national reforms" - American City and County, 11/15/2012
"New York City Seeks Realigned Juvenile Justice System" (in Word) - New York Law Journal, 02/01/2011
"The Case for Local Control" - City Limits, 01/31/2011
"Bloomberg's Bid to Take Over Juvenile Justice System Gains Steam" - DNAinfo, 01/27/2011
"Reform of the state's juvenile justice system is long overdue" - The Journal News (Westchester), 01/9/2011
"Jails Closer to Home" - New York Times, 12/24/2010
"Andy, It's Ab$urd: Vows to Kill 'Ridiculous' Juvie-Shutter Law" - New York Post, 11/23/2010
"How to keep kids out of jail" - Albany Times Union, 09/3/2010
"Prison alternative is cost-effective" - Albany Times Union, 08/29/2010
"Transforming Juvenile Justice" (in Word) - New York Law Journal, 08/27/2010
"Poster Aims to Demystify Multifaceted Process Faced by Arrested Teens" (in PDF) - New York Law Journal, 08/4/2010
"Real Justice for Juveniles" - New York Times, 06/1/2010
"Project Zero, an initiative of the NYC Department of Probation that seeks alternatives to locking up young offenders in Juvenile jail" - City Limits, 07/7/2008


"Educating prisoners improves public safety" - amNewYork, 03/14/2014
"New York Probation Office Publishes ‘Free Verse’ Poetry Journal" – Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 09/13/2013
"Probation Clients Release "Free Verse" Poetry Journal" – New York Nonprofit Press, 09/17/2013
"Basketball league keeps youth off the streets" - News 12, 08/20/2013
"Letter from Commissioner Schiraldi regarding the decline of the prison population" – New York Times, 08/02/2013
"Bill Would Give Judges Discretion Over Length of Probation Terms" - New York Law Journal, 07/09/2013
"Art as Restorative Justice in Brooklyn", 07/24/2013 - Huffington Post
"South Bronx Probation Office Holds First Graduation Ceremony For GED Earners" – NY1 – 07/12/2013
"Taking a Bite Out of Repeat Crime" - NYU Alumni Magazine, 06/05/2013  
"VIDEO: Program Gives the Gift of Music to Young People on Probation" - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 04/17/2013
"DOP Staff and Clients Create Mural in Bronx Family Court" - WABC, "Here and Now", 04/14/2013
"Interview with Commissioner Schiraldi and DOP Staff" - WABC, "Here and Now", 04/14/2013
"With innovative approaches to Correction, New York City has become a national leader in reducing its incarceration rate" NY Daily News, 03/4/2013
"The Probation Transformation" - New York Nonprofit Press, 08/23/2012
"Case Closed: Thousands More Teens Are Now Diverted From Juvenile Court" - Child Welfare Watch, 12/11/2012
"New Options for Young Lawbreakers" (in PDF) - Child Welfare Watch, 12/11/2012
"More Young Offenders Diverted Away from Criminal Justice System" - WNYC, 12/09/2012
"A Powerful Tool for Rehabilitation" (in PDF) - New York Law Journal, 11/30/2012
"A jury of their peers" Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 06/22/2012
"Q&A: Vincent Schiraldi" (in Word) - New York Law Journal, 05/25/2012
"The Bronx To Receive $1M Federal Grant for Domestic Violence Services" - NY1, 10/19/2011
"It's Your Park! Six DoP juvenile clients participated in a community service project at Von King Park on Saturday" - BedStuy Patch, 10/15/2011
New City Effort Targets Incarceration” – NY Law Journal, 09/8/11
"Recidivism in New York" - New York Times, 05/11/2011
"Mayor Bloomberg appoints Vincent N. Schiraldi as Commissioner of the Department of Probation" - Press Release, 11/30/2009
"Freshening up, in West Brighton" - Staten Island Advance, 08/10/2011
"Brooklyn Probation Clients Volunteer Alongside Probation Officers and Staff" (in Word) - Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 08/5/2011
"Young Probationers Tour Arthur Avenue" - Bronx Times, 09/10/2010

Paint Straight

"New York City Program Teaches Teen Graffiti Artists to "Paint Straight" - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 03/10/2014
"Organization Encourages Young Graffiti Offenders to 'Paint Straight'" - NY1, 03/09/2014
"Paint Straight Show and Silent Auction at Nuyorican Poets Café" – NY1, 09/29/2012

"Paint Straight' program has Brooklyn graffiti vandals turning in spany cans for brushes" - New York Daily News, 2/03/2011
"Brooklyn teens arrested for graffiti get chance to show work at gallery" - New York Daily News, 6/30/2011
"Paint Straight" - WABC, 03/06/2011
"Legal Graffiti Coats the Courthouse Walls" (in Word) - Brooklyn Eagle, 01/28/2011
"Positive Brush with the Law" (in Word) - Daily News, 01/2011
"Legal Graffiti - Graffiti Artists Display Their Work Legally in Brooklyn" - WABC News, 01/25/2011
"In a Brooklyn Courtroom, Space for Young Graffiti Offenders' Art" - WNYC, 01/25/2011
"City's Correctional Department Promotes (Legal) Graffiti" - Animal, 09/2/2010
"Art Show Aims to Set Graffiti Writers Straight" (in Word) - New 12 Brooklyn, 09/2/2010
"Graffiti Artists Learn to "Paint Straight" - NY1, 09/1/2010
"Showcasing Graffiti Taggers' Art, Legally" - New York Times, 09/1/2010

Probation Achievements & Recognition

"NYC Probation Honored by the Harvard Kennedy School" (in PDF)  - Press Release, 04/15/2008

Young Men's Initiative

"Arches mentoring program helps troubled teens turn it around" - New York Daily News, 03/28/2014
"New academic partnership with Young Men's Initiative helps Bronx agencies serve more at-risk youth"
(in PDF) - Daily News, 02/13/2012
"New City Effort Targets Incarceration" - New York Law Journal, 09/8/2011