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Esperanza Program

Esperanza is a six-month program that provides intensive supervision and resources to juvenile probation clients who would otherwise be placed in a state-run juvenile residential facility.

Esperanza clients receive the intensive services they need without having to leave their families, positive community role models and the local school system.

Esperanza is a community-based organization that contracts with the Department of Probation to provide these services.

Young people enter Esperanza when a Family Court judge gives them a disposition (the juvenile equivalent of a sentence) of probation instead of placing them in a state-run facility.

Clients who are in Esperanza:

  • Receive in-home counseling from an Esperanza field counselor, who collaborates with the client’s Probation Officer. The client’s family participates in these counseling sessions.
  • Are monitored by the Department of Probation until the end of his or her probation term
  • Have access to 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Have access to in-home therapeutic services