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Request for Posposals

Technical Assistance

Download: Technical Assistance (RFP)

Addendum 1: Issued August 5, 2016 (in PDF)

Attachment 1: Revised Proposal Summary Form (in Word)
Attachment 2: Notice to Prospective Contractors (in PDF)
Attachment 3: Schedule B (in Word)
Attachment 4: Iran Divestment Act Rider and Certification (in PDF)
Attachment 5: Doing Business Data Form (in PDF)
Attachment 6: Acknowledgement of Addenda (in Word)
Attachment 7: Subcontracting Compliance Provisions (in PDF)
Attachment 8: Appendix A General Contract Provisions (in PDF)
Attachment 9: Paid Sick Leave Rider (in PDF)
Attachment 10: Whistleblower Protection Act (in PDF)

Arches: A Transformative Mentoring Intervention RFP (in PDF)
EPIN: 78116I0001

Next STEPS Red Hook/Fort Greene RFP (in PDF)
EPIN: 78115I0002

Next STEPS: A Transformative Mentoring Intervention RFP (in PDF)
EPIN: 78115I0001

ECHOES (Every Child Has an Opportunity to Excel and Succeed)
PIN #: 78113P0001

Download ECHOES RFP  

Attachment  1 - Proposal Summary Form (Word)
Attachment  2 - Relevant Experience Form (Word)
Attachment  3 - Corporate Goverance Certification (Word)
Attachment  4 - Linkage Agreement Form (Word)
Attachment  5 - Proposal Budget Summary Form (Word)
Attachment  7 - Bidder's Certification Regarding Iran Divestment Act (in PDF)
Attachment  9 - Doing Business Data Form (in PDF)
Attachment 10 - Acknowledgment of Addenda (Word)

AIM (Advocate, Intervene, Mentor) Program (in PDF)
PIN #: 78112P0001

Addendum 1 - Issued April 12, 2012 
Addendum 2Issued April 18, 2012
Addendum 3Issued April 24, 2012  

Attachment 1Proposal Summary Form (in MS Word)
Attachment 2Relevant Experience Form (in MS Word)
Attachment 3Corporate Governance Certification (in MS Word)
Attachment 4Linkage Agreement Form (in MS Word)
Attachment 5Proposal Budget Summary Form (in MS Word)
Attachment 6Doing Business Data Form (in PDF)
Attachment 7Acknowledgement of Addenda (in MS Word)

Young Adult Justice Programs Justice Scholars & Justice (in PDF)
PIN #: 78111P0002

Addendum 1Young Adult Justice Program RFP (in PDF)
Addendum 2Young Adult Justice Program RFP (in PDF)
Addendum 3Young Adult Justice Program RFP (in PDF)

Appendix ATarget CD Probation Demographic Data (in PDF)
** Deadline Date: September 7, 2011 at 2:00 pm **