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Kings Juvenile Offender Program

The Kings Juvenile Offender Program (KJOP) is an alternative-to-incarceration (ATI) program that provides intense supervision to Juvenile Offenders who have committed certain violent felony offenses. 

A Juvenile Offender is defined as a 14 or 15 year-old who committed a certain violent felony offense or a 13 year-old who was charged with murder. As an alternative to being convicted of a crime, all KJOP participants are sentenced to a period of five years of probation supervision by the Kings County Supreme Court. 

All KJOP participants are classified as high-risk offenders. The Office of the District Attorney and the Kings County judiciary supports KJOP.

Clients who are in KJOP:

  • Receive home visits, school visits and program visits
  • Are referred to community-based programs that can provide specialized services to the young person
  • Are subject to a Graduated Rewards system that promotes program compliance.  The rewards typically consist of gift cards redeemable at a variety of educational, cultural and retail vendors.
  • Attend group activities, workshops, educational trainings, and cultural and recreational trips
  • Have access to a computer lab equipped with instructional software to be used to create educational projects and resumes