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For Adult Court Clients

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The NYC Department of Probation (DOP) helps build stronger and safer communities by supervising people on probation and fostering opportunities for them to move out of the criminal justice system through meaningful education, employment, health services, family engagement, and community participation.

We have created a number of resources designed to explain the work we do and help our Adult Court clients get the most out of their time on probation.

The Adult Court Process 

View a step-by-step explanation of the process a young person goes through after being arrested.

Specialized Programs
The Adult Court Unit operates a variety of programs that are specially tailored for clients with unique needs. Click the name of each program for more information.

Kings Juvenile Offender Program 
Promoting Accountability and Community Ties (PACT) 

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to questions about the following:

View a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions

Voting Rights 

Get Information about probation voting rights

Get an ID 

Having an ID (identification) is one of the keys to success.  Don't have one?  Visit the ID= website for help.

Get a Certificate of Relief 

A Certificate of Relief is a court order that can restore some of the rights that are lost as the result of a conviction. It can make it easier for people with a criminal record to get a job and certain licenses.  Check out a presentation we prepared for more information.

Adult Contact Info 

Get the location and phone numbers for different Adult Court offices
Go to the Contact Info page.
Success Story
In January 2009, Mark was placed on five years of probation supervision in the Bronx. Although Mark’s grades fluctuated, his principal and guidance counselor believed that he was a very intelligent young man. His Probation Officer, Ms. Clayton, recognized Mark’s strengths and encouraged his ambitions. With PO Clayton's encouragement, Mark entered the Children's Defense Fund’s “Beat the Odds Scholarship Essay Contest” and won a $1,000 scholarship. Mark took his GED exam and scored 3,080 out of 4,000, and later scored an impressive 1400 on his SAT exam. Mark now supports himself and is making plans to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.