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"I think that I shall never meet / A poem lovely as a Tweet..."

Who knows? If he had been around today, perhaps that's what Joyce Kilmer would have scribbled in his notebook (or typed on his smartphone). Instead, we can only imagine Kilmer's attempts at composing verse on Twitter - and give it our own shot.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (@NYCulture) is hosting the sixth annual #PoetweetNYC Twitter poetry contest from April 11 to April 15, 2016, and the winners were announced on Poem In Your Pocket Day - April 21, 2016.

For your own chance at digital bard-dom, tweet us your own original verse!

Read the full #PoetweetNYC contest rules

2015 #PoetweetNYC Winners


Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day with fellow poetry lovers from across the U.S. using #pocketpoem. Poetry is everywhere if you look for it.


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