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Water Supply

Goal: Ensure the high quality and reliability of our water supply system

New York City’s drinking water is among the best in the world, exceeding stringent Federal and State water quality standards. Every day, more than1 billion gallons of water travel hundreds of miles from upstate New York to the city. Our water supply system was developed through the foresight and vision of previous leaders who understood the importance of clean water to the long-term prosperity of the city.

A renewed era of capital investment is underway to ensure that the water supply system remains viable for generations to come. To protect drinking water quality and ensure reliable delivery, we will invest nearly $7 billion over the next ten years.

Protecting our water supply at its source is our highest priority. We will thwart new threats to our watershed and continue to protect our supply from development that endangers water quality. We will also complete major projects to enhance drinking water quality, such as a filtration plant for the Croton system and an ultraviolet disinfection facility for the Catskill and Delaware systems.

We will repair the leaking Delaware aqueduct and complete City Water Tunnel No. 3 to create redundancy for our aging in-city water tunnels. By making these critical investments, and making more efficient use of existing resources, we will ensure New Yorkers enjoy a reliable water supply for generations to come.

PlaNYC report on Water SupplyPlaNYC 2011 chapter on Water SupplyDownload the chapter (in PDF)