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Goal: Expand sustainable transportation choices and ensure the reliability and high quality of our transportation network 

Transportation systems shape a city’s growth and prosperity. New York City has benefited from billions of dollars of past investments in our bridges, tunnels, roads and subways. Those investments connected New York to the world and channeled development throughout the five boroughs. The shape and reach of our transpor­tation system helped determine how and where we live and work today.

To support a vibrant economy now and for the future, we must demonstrate a similar commit­ment and maintain and expand our transpor­tation assets. We must also actively manage our infrastructure to its highest return on investment. Our strategies must focus on our key transportation needs: handling increased demand from population and job growth; opti­mizing the speed, safety, reliability and comfort across modes; and managing the flow of goods into, out of, and around our city.  

Transportation is a multi-jurisdictional, multi-layered governance structure: the City must work with the State and Federal governments as well as regional agencies like the Port Authority and MTA. We will do so in order to achieve better management of traffic congestion and better funding for the transportation network.

PlaNYC report on TransportationPlaNYC 2011 chapter on TransportationDownload the chapter (in PDF)