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Parks and Public Space

Goal: Ensure all New Yorkers live within a ten-minute walk of a park

Parks are among New York’s most cherished forms of public infrastructure. They provide places for exercise and community forums. They serve important ecological functions. They are also an important catalyst for economic development, raising property values and breathing life into neighborhoods.   

But despite their importance, over two million New Yorkers still live beyond a 10-minute walk from a park. And the need for parks and public space will only become more acute as our population increases. 

To meet the quality and access needs of all New Yorkers, we will target high-impact projects in the neighborhoods with the greatest open space needs. We will also continue to create and renovate destination-level parks that will attract people from throughout the city. 

We will re-conceptualize and green our streets and sidewalks as public spaces. And because vibrant open spaces both need and support biodiversity, we will increase the health and vitality of natural areas. Finally, we will ensure the long-term health of our open spaces and protect the great investments we have made through expanded stewardship and care. 

Collectively, we estimate that by 2030 we will acquire or upgrade more than 4,700 acres of parkland and public space throughout the five boroughs.

PlaNYC report on Parks and Public SpacePlaNYC 2011 chapter on Parks and Public SpaceDownload the chapter (in PDF)