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Goal: Reduce energy consumption and make our energy systems cleaner and more reliable

From the birth of our gas distribution system in 1823, to Thomas Edison’s creation of the first central power plant on Pearl Street in 1882, New York City has long been an innovator in urban energy systems.  In turn, these energy systems have literally shaped the fabric of our city.  Electrically powered subways drove the city’s expansion across the five boroughs, while elevators and district steam systems allowed the city to grow vertically into a breathtaking landscape of skyscrapers.

We will build a greener, greater New York by reducing energy consumption and making our energy supply cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable.  To reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency we will implement and effectively enforce the policies that we have already launched, broaden their reach to new sectors, and promote the best new practices. 

To ensure that future New Yorkers have access to clean, affordable and reliable power, we will encourage a more diversified portfolio of private sector-driven supply and transmission investments.  To foster the growth of smaller-scale clean energy technologies we will make targeted and cost-effective investments at City-owned facilities, and seek partnerships with the private sector at times to reduce direct costs to the city while capitalizing on best available practices. We will also work with utilities to encourage these types of investments across the city by streamlining permitting and interconnection processes. 

Finally, we will accelerate the phase out of highly polluting residual heating oil and mitigate future supply constraints by aiding in the development of appropriately-sited natural gas transmission pipelines. 

Together, these strategies will enable us to invest wisely in our future. New Yorkers will save money. Our economy will grow. And we will make progress towards our clean air and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

PlaNYC report on EnergyPlaNYC 2011 chapter on EnergyDownload the chapter (in PDF)

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