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Economic Opportunity

New York City is an engine of economic growth. Without people, goods, and innovative ideas, that engine would no longer run. That is why the update of PlaNYC highlights the importance of economic activity in our city, and brings exciting new ideas on the subject into the forefront of our minds.

Our city has always evolved through tough economic times by transforming challenges into opportunities. By investing in our infrastructure, creating policies that foster new markets and businesses, removing barriers that hinder existing ones, and building a workforce with cutting-edge skills, we will strengthen our economic foundation so that we can continue being the city where people want to be. Our policies to make a greener, greater city are part of a larger strategy to make a more competitive city.

We will support renewable energy generation by exploring the development of utility-scale renewable energy at our former landfills. Recovering organic materials such as yellow grease from our waste stream will create opportunities for new markets like biodiesel. Our co-generation projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the market for clean energy technologies. The economic opportunities and innovations put forth in the Plan will ensure the economic engine is running for a long time to come.

PlaNYC report on  Economic OpportunityPlaNYC 2011 report on Economic OpportunityDownload the topic (in PDF)