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Air Quality

Goal: Achieve the cleanest air quality of any big U.S. city.

While our air quality has improved in recent years, we still fail to meet Federal standards for ozone and fine particles (PM2.5), and many of our communities experience pollution levels significantly higher than the citywide average. Air pollution is one of the most significant environmental threats we face, contributing to approximately 6% of annual deaths in New York City each year.

We will aggressively reduce emissions from cars, trucks, and buses by promoting fuel efficiency, cleaner fuels, and cleaner or upgraded engines. We will seek Federal legislation to explicitly allow state and local governments to provide incentives for fuel-efficient vehicles. We will use federal funding to continue converting diesel vehicles to cleaner fuel sources. We will apply similar strategies to other vehicles, including ferries and planes.

To address emissions from our buildings, we will enact regulations to phase-out the dirtiest heating oils and reduce the indoor air quality risks posed by building materials.

These strategies will accelerate air quality improvements so that one day, every New Yorker will breathe the cleanest air of any big city in America.

PlaNYC report on Air QualityPlaNYC 2011 chapter on Air QualityDownload the chapter (in PDF)