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PlaNYC describes a comprehensive list of initiatives the City gov­ernment will undertake to create a greener, greater New York over the next 20 years. But our plan is also intended to enable individuals and civic organizations to take initiative as well.

Individual New Yorkers will be provided with information on how to lead more sustainable lifestyles through GreeNYC, our public education program which informs New Yorkers about what they can do to make New York a greener and greater place.

Greener, Greater Communities 
While we are working to provide useful information to individu­als, we will increase our efforts to work with community-based groups as well. New York has always been blessed with resi­dents who are willing to act to make the world a better place, often starting with their own block. We will take a Greener, Greater Com­munities approach to supporting community-based efforts that improve our neighborhoods in ways consistent with our PlaNYC goals.