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3 Years After Hurricane Sandy

The City is safer now than when Sandy hit in 2012. On city beaches in the Rockaways, Coney Island, and Staten Island, we have ‎replenished over 4.2 million cubic yards of sand and installed 9.8 miles of dunes, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and we have rebuilt and upgraded miles of bulkheads across the city. On top of that, the building code has been modified through 16 local laws to improve the resiliency of our buildings. And a range of activity is underway in all five boroughs that are helping us to build a stronger, more resilient New York City.

Click here for a complete progress report on how the city is strengthening coastal defenses, engaging communities in adaptive planning and implementing coastal protection plans, strengthening emergency preparation, strengthening communities, upgrading buildings, and protecting infrastructure




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