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The Risks We Face (Photo Credit: Dan Nguyen)

The impacts of Hurricane Sandy represented only a fraction of the climate change risks New York City could face in the future. Beyond storms, the city is particularly vulnerable to heat waves, heavy downpours, and severe drought. In 2013, the New York City Panel on Climate Change produced updated, peer-reviewed, local projections for climate change detailing these risks. Heat waves in New York City will be increasingly severe due to the dense built environment and the urban heat island effect that causes temperatures in New York City to be up to seven degrees warmer than in surrounding areas. Additionally, studies show that we may see as much as 30 inches of sea level rise and twice the number of residents (up to 800,000) living in the 100-year-floodplain by the 2050s. For additional information regarding the risks our city faces, please explore the following:

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