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Recovery & Resiliency Progress Map

Across the five boroughs, the City is implementing the $20 billion OneNYC resiliency program to rebuild and reduce the risks that a changing climate poses to New Yorkers. The City is advancing a multi-layered strategy, including planning and policy studies, legislative actions, and investments in buildings, critical infrastructure, and coastal protection projects. Many of these recovery and resiliency efforts have citywide benefits and are not limited to any one neighborhood or borough, have privacy concerns, or contain too many discrete sites to make their presentation feasible on this map.

Some examples of projects that do not appear on the map include:

Housing Recovery – Build it Back/Rapid Repairs $2,751,000,000
DEP's Green Infrastructure Program $2,400,000,000
Hospital Repair and Resiliency Investments $1,730,588,716
Grants for Emergency Work (FEMA Category A and B) $1,600,000,000
Water & Wastewater Resiliency Investments $1,439,000,000
Con Edison Storm Hardening Program $1,155,000,000
Other Resiliency Investments $706,000,000
Citywide Conduit Restoration $350,000,000
Construction of New Ferry Boats $311,000,000
DOT Streetlight and Signal Restoration $67,000,000
Business Loan and Grant Program $54,000,000
RISE : NYC $30,000,000

Value of Unmapped Projects $12,593,588,716
Value of Mapped Projects $9,299,835,000

Total Value of Mapped and Unmapped Projects $21,893,423,716

Resiliency initiatives that are citywide, are non-physical, or are not specific to a site are not mapped here. These projects include work to mitigate the impacts of the urban heat island effect and efforts with communities on emergency preparedness; advocacy to reform FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program and ensure accurate flood maps; resiliency work led by non-City entities such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; and collaborative research and risk assessment efforts with the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) and the regional Climate Change Adaptation Task Force (CCATF). More information on these projects can be found through the OneNYC link below

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