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The process of rebuilding and thinking long term requires a strong framework to structure ongoing engagement and, ultimately, real action. Facilitating a structured conversation with the community was an important tool for report development and will continue to be instrumental in resiliency efforts. Thus, community outreach is being conducted on several levels:

  • City, State, and Federal government
  • Elected officials and community boards
  • Local businesses, civic and nonprofit associations, and faith organizations
  • New Yorkers with a stake in long-term rebuilding
  • Industry, academic, and policy thought leaders have been engaged in all subject-matter areas, leveraging the vast intellectual community in New York City and throughout the world

The Office of Recovery and Resiliency seeks to understand each impacted area's built environment, its buildings, man-made structures, spaces, in order to have a clear sense of its unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities. Community rebuilding and resiliency efforts will focus on the following areas:

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