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About PlaNYC

Originally released in 2007, PlaNYC is a groundbreaking effort to address New York City’s long-term challenges including the forecast of 9.1 million residents by 2030, changing climate conditions, an evolving economy, and aging infrastructure. Over 25 City agencies and many outside partners in academic, business, civic, and community roles convened to outline specific goals (like 30 percent carbon reduction by 2030), initiatives, and milestones that address these challenges and ensure quality of life for New Yorkers in the years to come. The Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability (OLTPS) oversees the development of PlaNYC and now shares responsibility with the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) for ensuring its implementation. These offices will develop plan updates every four years and provide annual progress reports. This ensures perspective and accountability that extends beyond any one mayoral administration and allows for new ideas and circumstances to shape the plan.
PlaNYC has grown in both depth and scope since its inception, successfully meeting ambitious milestones in core areas like air quality and carbon reduction, while evolving to better meet new challenges. After Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City in 2012, it was clear that a long-term plan for resiliency was needed and the City released A Stronger, More Resilient New York (in PDF). The comprehensive plan contains actionable recommendations based on the best available science to protect our city's coastline, buildings, infrastructure, and communities from future climate risks.
PlaNYC’s 2014 Progress Report (in PDF), released in April of each year, details the most recent OLTPS and ORR accomplishments in furthering New York City’s sustainability and resiliency agenda.
Established by Local Law 17 in 2008, OLTPS coordinates with all other City agencies to develop, implement, and track the progress of PlaNYC and other issues of infrastructure and the environment, which cut across multiple City agencies. In addition to producing PlaNYC, OLTPS promotes the integration of sustainability and resiliency goals and practices into the work of City agencies and the lives of New Yorkers. Established in 2014, ORR expands this effort and provides overall coordination of New York City’s entire infrastructure recovery and long-term resiliency programs.

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