Language Services

Ensuring Access to Limited English Proficient New Yorkers

City agencies that routinely interface directly with New Yorkers are required by Executive Order  120 to provide services in the top six languages spoken by New Yorkers.  The Mayor's Office of Operations and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs have created initiatives and provided assistance in ensuring that the City is accessible to all New Yorkers, and enabling City agencies to more effectively meet the mandated requirements.

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Language Gateway

The Language Gateway is a multilingual web portal that provides essential City resource material translated into the most commonly-spoken languages in New York City. This site serves as a 'one-stop-shop' to meet the most immediate needs of limited English proficient New Yorkers and the community-based organizations that serve them. The Language Gateway was developed by the Mayor's Office of Operations, Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, and the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications.

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Language Access Symposium
In December 2011, the Mayor's Office released a two-part report on language access. Part I of the paper describes the short-term recommendations and action plans that resulted from a language access symposium hosted by the Mayor's Office in March 2011. Part II, entitled, "Language Access 2.0: Sharing Best Practices, Improving Services and Setting Future Goals", documents the history of language access during the Bloomberg Administration, identifies the recommended best practices, and outlines long-term future goals.
Language Access Symposium Report Part I
Language Access Symposium Report Part II