NYC Feedback
Citywide Maps of Results by Community Board

Recipients of the NYC Feedback Citywide Customer Survey were selected from every Community Board within the City of New York. Survey results were generated for each Community Board, and are represented in the maps below.

The data shown in these maps are the percent of respondents who rated a given survey item either "excellent," "good," or "fair." Each map is color-coded to show three or four "ranges" of results. A "range" is a spread of numeric results: for instance, the first range might be "82% or less," meaning that 82% or less of the respondents rated then item "excellent," "good," or "fair."

The color of a Community Board on the map reflects the range into which the results for that Board falls. The darker the shading, the higher the percent of respondents giving a positive rating to the survey item. The ranges were chosen so that approximately equal numbers of Community Boards fall into each range.

Click here for the Citywide Maps of Results by Community Board (Maps will open in new window)

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