Mayor's Management Report

The Mayor's Management Report (MMR), which is mandated by the City Charter (Section 12), serves as a public report card on City services affecting the lives of New Yorkers. The MMR is released twice a year. The Preliminary MMR (PMMR) differs from the MMR in terms of its focus. In summary, the PMMR provides an early update of how the City is performing four months into the fiscal year. In contrast, the MMR, published each September, looks back retrospectively at the City's prior fiscal year performance.

The following links are available:

Fiscal 2007 Mayor's Management Report (MMR) - provides performance highlights and statistics for agencies, as well as data on inquiries received by the 311 Customer Service Center (also available in print);

Indicator Definitions - provides a description and the source of the information for each performance statistic in the Fiscal 2007 Mayor's Management Report;

My Neighborhood Statistics Graphic My Neighborhood Statistics – provides users with the ability to quickly display community information based on a street address or intersection, and color-shaded maps also allow for easy comparisons of highs and lows in different neighborhoods;

Supplementary Indicator Tables - provides additional agency data that is not available in the printed version of the Mayor's Management Report.

Statistics for Multi-Agency Issues – provides users with the ability to display in one location indicators for City services or initiatives that involve the efforts of more than one agency.

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