Agency Performance Reporting

The Performance Management Group evaluates how well City agencies fulfill their missions, and ensures City government delivers high quality services.

Agency Performance Reporting is part of the Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) tool. It represents critical performance measures from more than 40 City agencies in an easy-to-use online snapshot format. Users can search for measures of various services, review statistics summarizing how well government is performing in different areas, analyze long-term trends, and review specific agencies' outcome measures.

Agency Performance Reporting contains:
  • Graphs of agency performance, including pie charts and color-coding to make positive or negative performance trends obvious.
  • Drill-down capability, allowing users to review comparative trends over a five year period.
  • Aggregation of important measures into citywide themes that reveal overall City government performance.
  • Detailed information about each measure, including an explanation of each measure, reporting frequency and other useful details.