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Take CPR Survey

We’d like to know the types of people who use CPR information. Please check all that apply.

1. I am:
An interested member of the public
An elected official or government employee
An employee of a community action group, government watchdog organization,
      or lobbyist
A professional or academic researcher
A journalist (or employee of other media)

2. Did you find the information in CPR useful? Check one:
Very useful
Somewhat useful
Not very useful
Not useful at all
Not applicable

3. Is CPR easy to use? Check one:
Very easy and helpful
Somewhat easy and helpful
Not very easy or helpful
Not easy or helpful at all
Not applicable

4. Where you able to find what you wanted? Check one:
Found everything I wanted
Found most of what I wanted
Found some of what I wanted
I did not find what I wanted
Not applicable

5. How often do you use, or expect to use, the CPR system?
Once or twice a year
Don't know