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Citywide Themes

What are Citywide Themes?

New York's citywide themes are groups of related government services. Together, the eight citywide themes capture all the ways in which City government serves the public.

On this page, you can select any Citywide Theme to:
  find out more about the theme
  see which City agencies have performance measures related to each theme
  go to the pages which show results for those performance measures

Some performance measures are listed under more than one theme.

Click on a theme to find out more.

The Citywide Themes are:

Providing the resources and procedures that support government operations.
Maintaining and improving the shared resources and spaces that make neighborhoods vital - streets, parks, libraries and culture, and public housing.
Helping businesses form and grow - connecting jobseekers and businesses - enforcing laws fairly that affect business - promoting the City's long-term economic vitality.
Providing high-quality primary, secondary and higher education.
Maintaining and renewing the machinery that makes the City go - buildings, roads, and water supply.
Ensuring that City government administers the law fairly - assisting citizens in seeking their legal rights.
Protecting lives and property - responding to emergencies - administering a safe and secure system for detention and probation.
Fostering health and well-being - promoting self-sufficiency and independence - protecting children - supporting families.