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Welcome to NYC Capital Projects Dashboard

The NYC Capital Projects Dashboard (the Dashboard) provides a view into the City’s most costly infrastructure and information technology (IT) projects.  The Dashboard was created to achieve the following objectives:

  • Centralize information on projects that the City is undertaking;
  • Provide a comparison of projects using standardized metrics across agencies;
  • Improve transparency and accountability into project management; and
  • Maintain and track project information over time to inform citywide policy on the budgeting and management of capital projects.
Overview: Provides a general overview of active capital projects currently captured on the Dashboard. This includes a graphical representation of projects by themes and summary status of projects by schedule and cost variance.

Projects by Schedule: Shows the number of projects by schedule variance expressed in months/years.

Projects by Cost: Shows the number of projects by cost variance expressed in dollar amounts.

Project List: List of projects and their current forecast completion dates and cost estimates. From the Project List, you can access individual project reports, which provides more information about each project.

System Requirements: Internet Explorer 6.x or higher, or Firefox 1.5.x or higher.